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Where to Buy Commodore 64?

If you have been recently thinking about past-century technology and came across the Commodore 64, you’re not the only one. As these computers broke all the records and were the trendiest on the market, people were going crazy about buying and owning one. But, as it was hard to get your hands on one back then, this process is a little bit easier today.

With technological advancement and smartphones, people have forgotten about the Commodore 64 and what this brand represented. So if you still like to own a vintage computer and are curious to know where to buy Commodore 64, you have come to the right place.

Where to Buy Commodore 64

Where to Buy Commodore 64?

As Commodore 64 is no longer for official sale in computer stores, one has to try hard to find where to buy Commodore 64 in decent condition. That’s why we decided to do a little research and see which places you can find this vintage computer. Although it was not easy, and the process took longer than expected, we are happy to share with you the best places to buy Commodore 64 for a reasonable price and without too much hassle.


The first and foremost place where to buy Commodore 64 is on eBay. While looking through this site, we noticed many people offering and selling their Commodore 64 computers for fairly good prices. Besides the computer itself, on eBay, you can find many Commodore 64 parts that were also sold separately back in the day, such as joysticks, chips, flash carts, floppy disks, games, datasette, SID carts, software packages, etc.

Since on eBay, you can find almost every piece of Commodore 64 equipment you need, you can make your own complete set and enjoy this old-school computer again. All you must do is open the eBay website and type the model of Commodore 64 you are looking for or the exact piece of equipment you need. 

Additionally, suppose you are unsure what you would like to buy. In that case, you can simply type in Commodore 64, and you will see a palette of various offers regarding hardware and software connected to the Commodore 64 computer.


Although the chances of finding Commodore 64 on AliExpress are small, they are not non-existent. By doing extensive research and being persistent, you might be able to find some smaller pieces of equipment for the Commodore 64 computer on this website as well. 

The only thing you need to remember before buying is to ensure that the product is legitimate and is exactly what you are looking for. You can do this by checking the comments and reviews or contacting the seller directly and asking them for the specifics of the Commodore 64 product you are considering purchasing.

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Places to Buy Commodore 64


Another website with decent offers where you can buy Commodore 64 is Amazon. Even though the offers and product options are not as extensive as on eBay, you can still find some useful and well-preserved Commodore 64 computers and computer parts for acceptable and affordable prices. 

The most common Commodore 64-related product you can usually find on Amazon is the programming guide on how to code on this computer. So if you are specifically looking for this, ensure to check the Amazon site.

Local thrift shops

As many thrift shops are now selling and offering more than just clothes, they are great places to buy Commodore 64. 

You can start by looking around and going to your local thrift shops. If you can not find the Commodore 64 anywhere near you, you can look online for thrift shops that might be selling the Commodore computers or the specific parts or games you are looking for. You might have to travel a little further, but you will probably be able to get your Commodore 64 in good condition for a decent price without having to pay for shipping.

Auction sites

If you are ready to fight for your Commodore 64 and pay whatever it takes, the best and safest way to do that is through authorized auction sites. As these sites only auction verified and original items, you can be sure that the price you will pay for your Commodore 64 computer will pay off because you will be auctioning for the real thing, 20+ years old.

Besides the auction sites, you can even search for actual auctioning events where the chances of finding the Commodore 64 are high. 

Garage or yard sale

One of the places where to buy Commodore 64 for a lower price is garage or yard sales. As on these sales, people want to get rid of their old things, they will be willing to sell you their Commodore 64 computer or equipment for a relatively low price, or sometimes even give it to you for free.

Therefore, all you need to do is ask around your neighborhood or talk to as many people as possible to give you information on a potential garage or yard sale where there might be a Commodore 64 computer.

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Through an advertisement on the internet

If you have not found a Commodore 64 yet, you can always place an online advertisement or even an ad in newspapers or magazines related to this stuff. You never know. Someone might see your ad and sell their Commodore 64 for a great price.

Social media

If you regularly utilize social media, you can also use it to find the Commodore 64 you are looking for. You can create an entire post about it and ask your friends to share it. You can even open a page dedicated to this.

Another thing you can try is to look for pre-existing Commodore 64 sale pages where people offer their Commodore 64 computers, games, and equipment.