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How to Play Monopoly Online with Friends

It won’t be unfair to say that Monopoly is one of the most popular and best board games ever designed. In earlier times, people had to gather in the same room to play the game, but things have changed. Thanks to the Internet, you can play Monopoly online with your friends whenever you want without having to wait for the holidays. But how to play Monopoly online with friends?

In this article, we will discuss how you can play Monopoly with your friends, and we will also discuss the gameplay mechanics in detail to help beginners. Moreover, we will discuss some effective strategies and tips to help you do well in the game. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

How to Play Monopoly Online with Friends
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How to Play Monopoly Online with Friends

Playing Monopoly online unblocked is as simple as playing any other online multiplayer game. There is no need to worry about storage issues, as you won’t have to download the app. You can play the board game in your browser.

The best thing about online Monopoly is that you can play with friends, strangers, and even bots. To play the game with your friends, you will have to create a private room and invite them to join. There must be at least two players and a maximum of eight players to start the game. Once your friends have joined the group, you can start the game and have fun playing together.

If your friends aren’t available, you can join other rooms and play with strangers, or you can play with bots and work on your skills. Now, let’s look at the important components of the board game you should be aware of.

Monopoly board1
Chance cards16
Community Chest cards16
Title Deed card1 for each property
Monopoly money in-game currency

Gameplay Mechanics: How to Play Monopoly Board Game

According to the rules, each player moves clockwise on the board, and the player who rolls the highest total on both dice gets the first turn. He will get his next turn when every other player has rolled the dice. Let’s have a look at the main parts of a player’s turn.

Main parts of a player’s turn

Rolling the dice

Each player has to roll the dice at every turn and move the number of squares (steps) indicated on the dice. You will get another turn (chance to throw the dice) if you throw doubles. But if you throw doubles three times in a row, you will land in jail for overspeeding. Every time players pass ‘Go’, they collect $200 from the bank.

Buying properties

Buying properties is an important part of a player’s strategy. After rolling the dice, you can buy the property you land on from the bank if someone else doesn’t own it. You can pass if you don’t wish to buy the property you land on. But the banker will auction the property to the highest bidder in this case.


You can also develop your properties and build houses and hotels on them. You can build four houses on your properties, and when you place a hotel on the property. Once you decide to build a hotel, all four houses will be removed from it. But you can’t develop utilities and railroads, which is why many players pay them last.


A player may be sent to jail multiple times during the game, and there are multiple ways to land there. 

Ways to land in jail:

  • Land on ‘Go to Jail’
  • Roll doubles three times in a row
  • Draw a card with instructions ‘Go to Jail’
Ways to get out of jail:
  • By paying a fine
  • By using the ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card
  • By rolling doubles

Other important actions

You will have to pay rent and tax when necessary. You must also draw ‘Community Chest’ and ‘Chance’ cards when necessary. Players have to follow the instructions on the card.

If you are out of money and can’t pay the rent, tax, or any other obligations during your turn, you can sell properties, houses, or hotels. You can also mortgage the unimproved properties to the bank if you don’t wish to sell them. If your condition improves during the game and you wish to lift the mortgage, you will have to pay the mortgage amount and 10% interest to the bank.

Make everyone go bankrupt and win the game

You will have to survive till the end to win the game. The game will end when only one player stands tall, and all other players go bankrupt. A player will declare bankruptcy when he owes more than he can pay.

So, these are the parts of a player’s turn in Monopoly. Looking at these factors, you can imagine how fun and interesting the game can be. Now that you know how to play Monopoly online with friends, you must wonder how to become more proficient in the game.

Every player’s goal is to win the game, but one must outplay the opponents to end on top.

A solid strategy can help you win the game, and in the following section, we will discuss some tips and strategies to perform well in the game.

Playing Monopoly Game
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How to Play Monopoly with Friends Effectively: Tips and Strategies

Develop an aggressive approach

Many players, especially beginners, are very picky and don’t buy smaller properties early on. But experienced players know they will have more leverage options later on in the game if they buy more properties. While you don’t have to buy everything in sight, it’s important to have your priorities sorted and buy them as quickly as you get a chance.

Developing an aggressive approach can help you bankrupt the other players quickly and end up on the winning side. You can also go bankrupt, as both outcomes are possible in this classic board game. But an aggressive approach will more likely lead you to success.

Don’t focus on saving money

Unlike real life, your Monopoly banker won’t pay you interest. It means the amount won’t grow unless you invest it. Buying properties will increase your chances of getting a return, so you shouldn’t focus on saving money.

Landing in jail can help

It may sound strange, but landing in jail can help you later on in the game. If you are low on cash, and hotels have filled the board, staying there can help you save money. If you don’t roll a double after three turns, you can stay in jail for three turns. While it is a good strategy, you shouldn’t follow this approach early on in the game, as it will allow other players to get one step ahead of you.

Create a housing shortage

You may not be aware of this rule if you are a beginner. According to the original game rules, once there are 32 houses on the board, players aren’t allowed to buy more. It means you can get the upper hand on your opponents by buying all the houses as quickly as possible. It’s important to follow an aggressive approach to create a housing shortage.

Resource management is important

Every player gets a fixed amount of money at the beginning, and you must be good at resource management. With limited money, you can’t buy everything in sight, so you must not waste your money. Once you start getting returns on your investments, things will be easier.

Monopoly Game Money
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Plan your moves carefully

While we encourage players to play aggressively, it doesn’t mean you should make random moves. You should plan your moves carefully and know what you are doing. If each player has a solid strategy, the game will be much more interesting, and everyone will have fun.

You can follow these tips and strategies to play the board game online effectively. While no strategy can guarantee a win, the right moves can improve your chances.


We hope you liked this article and understood how to play Monopoly online with friends. This classic board game is fun to play, and there is a reason for its popularity. The best thing about online Monopoly is that players don’t have to be in the same room to play the game. You can play it anytime and from wherever you want.