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Best N64 Emulators for PC

Best N64 Emulator for PC

N64 or Nintendo 64 was the pioneer of 64-bit computing in gaming consoles. This successor of Super Nintendo (SNES) released some of the most successful titles you would ever see in the world of retro games. It was Nintendo’s response to the next-gen console wars at that time. Sadly, you cannot buy N64 today to revisit or experience the classics. …

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Ogre Battle The March of the Black Queen - Best SNES RPGs

SNES or Super Nintendo had to face intense competition due to its relatively late release. However, the 16-bit console allowed the SNES to craft more immersive worlds and vivid characters in their games. In fact, developers created some of the best SNES RPGs that are difficult to overlook for any retro gamer today. The rivalry with SEGA’s genesis was tough …

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Best SEGA Master System Games

Best SEGA Master System Games

Any true retro lover would instantly recall having played or known these best SEGA master system games. It’s not hard to remember how much the gamers were fascinated by these top titles released for SEGA master systems. Brace yourself for the overwhelming nostalgia as we begin to list the most popular game titles for this console. We bet it would …

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Best DOS Games of All Time

DOOM - Best DOS Games of All Time

For every game lover, there are some PC games that are truly timeless and mark the golden age of PC gaming. Doesn’t matter how old you are, going down the memory lane to remember or learn about the best DOS games of all time can be elating. Looking back to the times when DOS or MS-DOS was the only operating …

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Best Commodore 64 Games that Became Bestsellers

Spy vs. Spy - Best Commodore 64 Games that Became Bestsellers

Any discussion about retro gaming is incomplete without mentioning the best Commodore 64 games. The period between 1980 and 1985 marked great advancement in gaming technology. The developers took it as an opportunity to begin innovating genres. It was at this time that we started to see RPGs, fighting, platform, and adventure genres replacing the pong style of gaming. Sega …

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Best SEGA CD Games of All Time

Snatcher - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Whether you like to revisit the past or are a fan of old school gaming, the desire to play again some of those best SEGA CD games is completely understandable and relatable. Though the gaming industry has come very far, there is a unique charm for retro gaming. The release of SEGA CD ROMs was a huge thing back then. …

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Best Atari 5200 Games

Ms. Pac-Man - Best Atari 5200 Games

The Atari 5200 gaming console made its debut in 1982, but this 8-bit console had quite a short–lived shelf life. This caused the Atari 5200 to have a slim collection of games; nonetheless, these were some of the coolest arcade conversions. If you are into retro-gaming, or if you just want to see how gaming has evolved leading to its …

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