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How Much Is a Used Nintendo 64 Worth?

Are you experiencing childhood nostalgia for those retro games and game consoles? Have you spent countless hours playing on a Nintendo 64 console, or want to start collecting old retro consoles? 

If that’s so, then you probably found this article to discover how much is a used Nintendo 64 worth so that you will know if it’s worth spending the money on or not. Let us tell you how much the different Nintendo 64 consoles are priced and what to expect. 

How Much Is a Used Nintendo 64 Worth

How Much Is a Used Nintendo 64 Worth?

The prices of used Nintendo 64 on the market mainly depend on the condition of the console, whether or not it is in working order, and whether or not the entire package is in mint condition. Prices can range anywhere between $99.99 to $499.99 and above.

Different editions of the Nintendo 64 were also manufactured, like the Jungle Green, Watermelon Red, Grape Purple, and the Pikachu edition. These have higher values because they are rare and harder to find in working or mint conditions.

Different Versions of the Nintendo 64 and Their Current Prices

As mentioned in the previous section, the Nintendo company manufactured different versions of the Nintendo 64 console. They probably did this to add uniqueness to the console design and encourage collectors to collect these consoles. 

How much is a used Nintendo 64 worth is greatly determined by the different edition consoles released over the years. 

Let’s look at some of the packages and prices of different versions of the Nintendo 64 consoles.

Standard Charcoal Edition Console

This is the original version of the Nintendo 64 console, launched in June of 1996 in Japan. It was later released in America and Europe as well. 

The Standard Nintendo 64 edition comes in a solid charcoal-colored body with gray accents to the disk cover and joystick plugs. It had impressive technical characteristics at the time. The controllers’ color is also gray. 

When it first came out in 1996, the Standard Edition of the Nintendo 64 was priced at around $199.99. Today, a used and working console is priced at around $99.99-$149.99, depending on the package and contents. 

Funtastic Series consoles with 6 different console colors

The Funtastic Series consoles were released as a set of 6 different Nintendo 64 colors:

  • The Jungle Green – $119.99 to $199.99
  • The Ice Blue – $119.99 to $249.99
  • The Grape Purple – $199.99 to $299.99
  • The Fire Orange – $199.99 to $399.99
  • The Smoke/Clear Black – $199.99 to $699.99
  • The Watermelon Red – $199.99 to $999.99

These Funtastic Series consoles were released in Europe, Canada, Australia, South America, and the USA. 

Jungle Green and Ice Blue are the most common of all the 6 color variants. The Grape Purple and Fire Orange are the rarer editions, while the Smoke/Clear Black and Watermelon Red editions are the rarest ones you can find today.

Note that the prices above are the lowest and highest we could find online. They are meant to give you a general idea of the cost of used but working Nintendo 64 consoles. Broken ones have lower prices, while original packaging and mint condition ones are expensive.

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Clear Series Console Variations

Clear Series consoles with 2 distinct color variants

Nintendo produced the Clear Series consoles in two color variants: the Clear White/Blue and the Clear White/Red.

Both variants had transparent body casings, through which you can see the inside parts of the console.

The Clear White/Blue edition was released in Japan and Europe, and the European models were bundled and sold together with the Super Mario 64 game. 

The Clear White/Red edition was only released in Japan, and its design is similar to the Watermelon Red Nintendo 64 edition. 

Depending on the working condition and package contents, these consoles are priced between $99.99 and $399.99.

Pikachu Edition Console

The Pikachu Edition Consoles were released in Europe, the USA, Japan, and South America and were among the most popular at the time. The versions released in Japan had a lighter blue color, while the rest were made in a darker blue variant.

This console edition had a unique design, as Pikachu’s left foot acted as a reset button, while the console’s power button was made to look like a Pokeball. Nintendo also made Pikachu’s cheeks light red when the console was powered on.

Used Nintendo 64 Pikachu edition consoles range from $249.99 to $499.99 in prices, but we also came across a brand new console in an unopened package which sold for an incredible $6.500. 

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Pikachu Edition

Gold Edition Console

This version of the Nintendo 64 console was released in Japan and USA with intentions to be an exclusive Toys R Us model. Toys R Us is an American clothing, toy, and baby products retailer founded in 1957. The brand sold the Gold Edition of the Nintendo 64 console exclusively at its retail shops across the USA. The model also came with two gold controllers instead of one. 

The prices of a used Nintendo 64 Gold Edition vary, ranging between $124.99 to $499.99, depending on the condition. We’ve also found a new and unopened Gold Edition console for $2.075. 

Hyundai Comboy Console

The Nintendo 64 console, released exclusively in South Korea, was also called Hyundai Comboy. 

Due to the import ban between Japan and South Korea at the time, the Hyundai company made a deal with Nintendo to distribute the Nintendo 64 console under a different name. 

This edition is one of the rarest today since it was only released a short while before being substituted with the standard charcoal version once the import ban was lifted.

The body and controller were almost the same as the standard Nintendo 64 edition, the only difference being the name, which makes this console very rare and valuable. 

As far as prices for a used Hyundai Comboy are concerned, they may vary from as low as $299.99 to as high as $1.299.99. Because of their rarity, mint condition boxes have even been priced at thousands of dollars.