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Why Was the Commodore 64 So Popular?

In 1982, a new computer appeared on the market called Commodore 64 or C64. The 1980s were a big era for technology, and personal computers were growing exponentially. 

However, not everyone could afford to get a computer for games and all sorts of entertainment. Therefore, people had to carefully choose which release or computer would be a great Christmas present and an amazing addition to their living room. 

Having a computer at home in the 80s was a privilege, and everyone who decided on the Commodore 64, never regretted their choice. 

In fact, many people still keep the computer and feel nostalgic every time they open the box in the attic. But why was the Commodore 64 so popular, and why did people love everything about it? You can find the answer in my article! 

Why Was the Commodore 64 So Popular

Why Was the Commodore 64 So Popular?

The success of the computer came shortly after its release. The Commodore 64 is widely popular because it was the first massively produced PC. Many people had this console as their friend in their young and teenage years. The C64 helped launch the computer revolution that we know and love today. This is specifically true when it comes to research and education. 

Like other early home computers, the Commodore 64 was primarily used for playing games and some additional leisure apps. People did use it for business purposes but on very rare occasions. 

The computer has a BASIC interpreter built-in and immediately runs any writing programs. In addition, it has a tape drive that is also built-in and allows people to back up their data and create backed storage media. The computer’s design is also something gamers enjoy and highly praise. The C64 has an integrated keyboard and 8-bit microprocessors. 

Features that made Commodore 64 so popular 

Manufactured by CBM or Commodore Business machine in August 1982, the Commodore 64’s initial price was $595, which in today’s economy is equivalent to $1,600.

This 8-bit home computer acquired remarkable success on the market, and in just 3 years, the company sold over 17 million units making the C64 the best-selling personal computer of that era. 

With more than 2 million units sold over a year, the Commodore 64 took the cake and outsold the IBM PC clones, Atari, and Apple Computer. Plus, compared to other computers, the C64 was sold in retail stores, not just in electronic stores. 

On top, the specifications of the computer are excellent. The Commodore 64 could easily be plugged into the television set and bring the whole family together for a joyful night. 

Facts about Commodore 64 

The computer was named after the 64 kilobytes of Ram that it has. The computer dominated the market with more than 17 million units sold over three years. The Commodore 64 was mostly used by people who like to game or learn how to program. The C64 can be found in The Guinness Book of Records as the highest-selling computer model of all time. The production of the Commodore 64 was stopped in April 1994. 

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Popular Commodore 64 Games

The games for this computer were similar to arcade games. This means that you had to push commands until you won or lost a game constantly; there were no breaks. The only difference was that, contrary to arcade games that were played with a joystick, the C64 used a command-line interface. 

Every gamer had to start the game from a tape and could customize the controls for running, walking, dropping, shooting, and picking up things. Are you still interested in why was the Commodore 64 so popular? Keep in mind this was in the 80s. 

Many great games were created for the C64 computer and to name all of them is an impossible task. A study has shown that games from the 80s and 90s had a large impact on Multimedia Cartography. Commodore 64 best games is a topic that deserves a whole new article. But here are some of the most popular titles.

  • The Last Ninja
  • Impossible Mission
  • Paradroid
  • Wizball
  • The Sentinel
  • Laser Squad
  • Bruce Lee
  • Bubble Bobble
  • MicroProse Soccer
  • Ghostbusters


After learning what the C64 did to the industry and how far ahead of time its specifications were, we are confident that you know why was the Commodore 64 so popular!

If we made you feel too nostalgic, you could purchase the console on eBay or Amazon for about $100. You can travel back into your childhood and have Pac-Man or Donkey Kong bring a smile to your face!