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How to Keep Game Consoles Dust Free

A dusty gaming console is always struggling. The noise can be distracting and lead to a much larger issue. Your console can experience long-lasting damage, eventually costing a lot of money. The gaming consoles we all know and love today have a much better protective shell than those from the 90s. 

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox consoles should be regularly cleaned yearly, but what about Atari 2600, PlayStation 1, or Super Nintendo? If you have an old collectors box with childhood systems and want to know how to keep game consoles dust free, you have come to the right place. In my article, you can learn some helpful tips to keep your arcade system free from dust. 

How to Keep Game Consoles Dust Free

How to Keep Game Consoles Dust Free 

You need to do a couple of things to protect your arcade gaming consoles from bacteria and keep them dust-free. First, you must place your console in a well-ventilated place with a smooth surface. 

The system should always receive proper ventilation, especially when it is working. In a spot with high humidity or fiber, like the carpet, dust can easily enter the system’s fan and disrupt its working and cooling operation. 

Another thing you should do is frequently check the vents of the system. If you notice some fine particles, use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of them. 

You should not expose the console to smoke, air fresheners, scented oils, or other airborne contaminants. You must avoid smoking, cooking, or spraying air fresheners around the system. 

When you decide to store the arcade system, you can wrap it in plastic and keep it in a box. This will prevent dust from gathering and stop small insects from turning your console into their home. 

On top of everything, you need to change the thermal paste of the system at least once every couple of years.

Cleaning Gaming Consoles 

Did you know that a research study has shown that gaming consoles have 30 times more bacteria than toilet seats? 

Dust can be a big enemy to your gaming console, especially during the summer when the temperatures are through the roof. 

Another problem with dust is when people frequently blow it off from the console and think that should do the trick. Keeping your gaming system free from dust requires you to be thorough and open it from time to time. 

If you neglect or postpone the process, it may be too late, and you will need to ask for help from a professional that can clean every part of the board. Together with the console, the controller will also start to collect dust, and the buttons will be hard to push or sticky. 

The bottom line is a clean gaming console is a long-lasting one. Despite a lot of controversy and violence in video games, a study by the National Library Of Medicine has shown that stories in video games can positively change the health-related behavior of kids. 

That is another reason you should open up the box from your childhood, dust off the Nintendo or PS, and start your journey. 

Cleaning Gaming Consoles


How to keep game consoles dust free? Well, by frequently dusting the system, of course. This is a pretty obvious process but effective. 

Once a week, use a cloth to get rid of all the particles from your arcade system. This may be monotonous, but it can get the job done. 


The wiping process does not require any cleaning spray full of chemicals. After all, electronics and chemical liquids do not have that close of a relationship, although many people like to use spray on every possible gadget in the house. 

A soaking wet cloth is also a no-go. You can use a slightly damp towel and Q-tips for the keyboard or controller buttons. 

Deep dusting 

To get a bit more hardcore, you must remove all the dust from the inside of the console, not just the outside. You can use a compressor or ask for help from a professional. 


By washing, I do not mean that you should put the console in the washing machine. What I mean is you should take the system apart and clean each plastic bit. 

It may sound overwhelming initially, but if you stay calm and have patience, I am confident you can get the job done.

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Regardless of the console, it could be a classic arcade one from the 90s or a new one; we can all agree that it offers a lot of fun and can bring the whole family together. 

In my article, I explained how to keep game consoles dust free and prolong their life.