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How Long Does a Game of Monopoly Last

The iconic board game Monopoly has captured players’ hearts and minds for a long time. From family game nights to friendly competitions among friends, the game combines strategy, luck, and negotiation, which is what made this game a beloved classic. So many of you are wondering how long does a game of Monopoly last. 

In this article, you’ll dive into the world of online Monopoly games, where the gameplay dynamics could be different from tabletop versions. That being said, read on if you want to explore the world of online Monopoly!

How Long Does a Game of Monopoly Last
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How Long Does a Game of Monopoly Last

Online versions of the Monopoly game might include automated calculations and the ability to save and resume games. These features might help speed up the gameplay, but the average game time might still be from 45 minutes to an hour or a few hours. 

The time of an online Monopoly game could be affected by the players’ knowledge and experience. Players who know the game’s rules might make decisions faster, leading to faster gameplay. 

If you’re playing with someone new to the game and still learning the rules, the game may take longer.

Also, you’ll find out how long does a game of Monopoly last with different numbers of players.

The Number of Players

Here’s how the length of a Monopoly game changes depending on the number of players.

Two players

Playing online Monopoly with two players might move faster than playing with bigger groups. This is because there are fewer negotiations, transactions, and potential barriers. This should lead to a more streamlined game. 

Plus, less time is spent waiting for other players to take turns. A game of online Monopoly with two players could be finished in around 30 to 45 minutes.

Three players

With three players, the game’s dynamics might begin to shift a little bit. Playing with three players brings more possible negotiations and property exchanges. While the game moves a little slower than with two players, it still should be fast. 

A game of online Monopoly with three players should last about 45 minutes to an hour

Four players

When four players are playing the game, the game becomes more exciting and complex. This is because more property trades, agreements, and interactions come with more players. Players are more likely to land on each other’s properties, leading to rent payments and some strategic decisions. 

As a result, a game with four players could take from one hour to an hour and a half.

Five to six players

When five or six players join the game, be prepared for an engaging and long game. With this number of players, the game reaches its highest point of interaction and negotiation. Each player’s actions could impact the game’s flow, creating a more exciting game filled with decision-making and property transfers. A game might last from two to two and a half hours.

It’s important to note that the times listed for the Monopoly game are approximate and may differ from game to game. While the suggested time is a good starting point, different gameplay styles, negotiations, and player strategies can all impact the duration. 

As a result, it might be a good idea to enter each online Monopoly game with an open mind, ready for potential differences in duration.

Strategies to win Monopoly game
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Tips and Strategies to Win in Monopoly

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player trying to step up your game, it’s important to have a few tips to boost your chances of winning. 

Here are some tips and strategies that might help you dominate the board and become a winner.

Start strong

A strong start is important for success in Monopoly. Early in the game, try to buy as many properties as possible. Buying properties in the first few rounds creates your presence on the board and lays the stage for development. 

The more properties you own, the more rent you can collect, which could give you a financial advantage over your opponents. 

Buy red and orange

The red and orange color sets might be among Monopoly’s favorite property groups. These should be the most often landed properties because players are usually near the GO square or draw a chance card that leads them to these spots. 

Buy railroads

Although the four railroad properties may seem less interesting than other properties, they can be a valuable addition to your quest for victory. Railroads could offer a consistent income, no matter what your opponent owns. 

Going to jail might be a good thing

While landing in jail may seem like a disadvantage, it could work in your favor in some situations. In jail, you’re safe from paying rent and landing on the opponent’s properties. You could use this time to avoid financial setbacks and watch the board’s dynamics. 

Be careful with your cash

You should avoid spending your money early in the game because you’ll need it to pay rent, develop property, or other unexpected charges. You should go for a balance between buying property and having a cash reserve.

Negotiate and trade

Monopoly is a game of making deals and negotiations. You should be open to trade offers and look for opportunities to strike beneficial deals with your opponents. Trading could help you complete color sets or gain monopolies, which could increase your earnings. 

Learn the house rules

Monopoly might come with a set of house rules that you could use to add twists and variations to the game. Before playing, familiarize yourself with the game’s house rules and set your strategies. 

Do You Know Which Monopoly Games Are the Longest Played?

Here are some of the longest records of a Monopoly game: 

  • The world’s longest-recorded game of Monopoly lasted for 70 days. 
  • The longest Monopoly played in a treehouse lasted for 286 hours. 
  • The longest game played underground lasted for 100 hours. 
  • The longest game played in a bathtub lasted for 99 hours.
  • The longest game played upside-down lasted for 36 hours.
Monopoly Game
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For those who wanted to know how long does a game of Monopoly last, hopefully, this article helped you learn. Online games could give a faster experience thanks to their automatic calculations, gameplay features, and the ability to save and resume games. 

An online Monopoly game can be completed from 45 minutes to a few hours. Monopoly might be perfect for testing your strategic skills or enjoying a virtual board game with friends. Online versions offer a quick and easy way to lose yourself in the world of Monopoly.

So, roll the virtual dice, make your moves, and enjoy the virtual world of Monopoly without losing your entire day.