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Best Multiplayer Atari 2600 Games

If you want to remember the nostalgic feeling of playing those super addictive games with your friends or family, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, you will be able to read which were the best multiplayer Atari 2600 games that left no person indifferent. So, let’s see what I have prepared for you!

Best Multiplayer Atari 2600 Games

Best Multiplayer Atari 2600 Games

Because, for now, it is impossible to buy a time machine and go back to when the main source of entertainment was video games, we must look for other alternatives. 

Therefore, by assembling this list of the best multiplayer Atari 2600 games, I wanted to take you and me back in those days and make this article our time machine to go back in time.

Although the Atari game consoles are long and far gone, you can still manage to play some of these games by having the right emulator. 

So, that being said, let’s jump directly to which multiplayer Atari 2600 games left the biggest impression on people around the world.

Tennis (1981)

The first best multiplayer Atari 2600 game I want to start with is the Tennis game from 1981. If you are a sports person or sports lover, you will undoubtedly enjoy this game while competing with your gaming buddy. 

Namely, the gameplay of the Tennis game is very simple yet addictive, and one can not simply stop playing it.

Every match is a six-game set, and you must try your best to serve and return shots by automatically swinging backhand or forehand, according to what the situation requires. After one player completes the six-game set successfully, they win the match, and the set automatically restarts to 0-0 again.

Lastly, as this game is not complicated, anyone can play it and, most importantly, enjoy it regardless of age. Light and fun, but yet you need a strong focus and maybe some tennis skills; this is what characterizes this amazing game.

Ice Hockey (1981)

Another incredibly entertaining Atari 2600 sports game is the Ice Hockey game dating from the 80s. This game was a major hit back then and was the absolute favorite of thousands worldwide. The gameplay of the Ice Hockey game is genuinely basic but exceptionally amusing. 

First, you have two figures, one for you and one for your opponent. You can choose between being a goalkeeper or being the offensive. 

The game’s main point is to try and take control of the puck by moving it left or right with the help of the hockey stick’s blade. Then, once you do, you must shoot it into the opponent’s goal to score points and eventually win the game. 

Another amazing thing that, for those times, seemed like a high-tech feature is that you can shoot the puck from even 32 different angles, which, of course, depends on the position of the puck itself when it is being shot.

Ultimately, you can also take control over the skater in control of the puck, steal the puck, and block shots with your hockey stick’s blade, which adds another level of fun and entertainment.

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Warlords (1980)

Warlords (1980)

If you are on the lookout for a good arcade game to play with even three other opponents, look no further. The Warlords game is one of the most appreciated arcade games of the past century. 

Having the opportunity to get into battles with the other warlords, you must devise a solid tactic and plan how to destroy the other three warlords’ castles, protect your castle, and ultimately, win the game.


Each of the warlords’ castles is in the shape of the letter ‘L’, making it much more challenging to get through their defense and destroy the castles once and for all. 

The ultimate weapon you can use to conquer your enemies is spinning fireballs. These fireballs can bounce off anything and destroy the opponents’ castle piece by piece. You can hold, throw, and catch them with the help of your shield, which will result in greater hitting force.

Additionally, you must know that a dragon toward a human player always launches the first fireball. After this, the subsequent fireballs that make the game even more challenging are launched after timeouts or when the warlord icon gets destroyed.

In the end, the player with an intact warlord icon gets the point, and the game ends after all players get eliminated.

Outlaw (1976)

Exceptionally simple but still merriment. That is how I would describe the Outlaw game from 1976. The gameplay could not be more straightforward. 

First, you must choose between one of the two characters: Billy-The-Kid or Half-fast Pete. Be careful while deciding on one because they both come with different attributes. Billy-The-Kid is the one that can draw faster, but Half-fast Pete is more accurate.

That said, after you decide on your character, you will see an outlaw that appears somewhere in the town. You must act quickly, and as soon as he draws his gun, you need to draw yours too. 

The main point is to shoot the outlaw before they shoot you. If you accomplish this successfully, you will score points.

Frogs and Flies (1981)

Frog and Flies game is undoubtedly one of the best-devised video games from the 80s. With a nice story and simplistic gameplay, this game can be extremely relaxing to play with friends or family in your free time.

The gameplay goes like this. The story begins in the morning with bright blue skies. You choose one frog, and your opponent chooses another frog. 

As both frogs start jumping from lily pad to lily pad, you must make your best effort and try to catch as many flies as possible. You can do that by positioning the frog in front or behind a fly. After you catch a fly, you are awarded two points.

As the game progresses through the day, you will have to do this until the night comes and the sky becomes dark. Once this happens, the game ends, and the winner is announced based on the number of flies they have caught. The player whose frog has eaten more flies is the ultimate winner.

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Frogs and Flies (1981)


In this article, you could have read which are the best multiplayer Atari 2600 games. Although it was hard to decide only on five games, I included the most loved, entertaining, and challenging ones so that the next time you have some free time and feel nostalgic, you know which games to give a chance.