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Best Games on Atari Lynx

If you are feeling nostalgic about the classic old-school games on the game consoles, you have come to the right place. In this article, you can discover the best games on Atari Lynx and how you can go back in time just with their help. 

If this sounds like the thing you have been looking for, let’s jump straight into the article.

Best Games on Atari Lynx

Best Games on Atari Lynx

If you are someone with a decent amount of free time and want to spend it relaxing with some good old-school games, we do not doubt that you will love this list containing the best games on Atari Lynx we have prepared especially for you.

We included the most popular, loved, and most importantly, entertaining games you can find for the Atari Lynx game console, such as Road Blasters, Chip’s Challenge, Xybots and more. So without further ado, let’s check them out!

Road Blasters (1990)

Without a doubt, Road Blasters is one of the all-time favorite games on Atari Lynx. This game is loved and appreciated by so many game console players because of its adventure combined with relaxing scenery and entertaining gameplay. 

Namely, in the Road Blasters game, you have a car that you will need to race until the finish line. You must go through fifty rallies without running out of fuel. The trick is that the more points you get in a single rally, the more your fuel tank will get filled with.

Moreover, the gameplay and graphics are futuristic, intertwined with beautiful landscapes with a lot of greenery, modern buildings, parks, and houses. This is incredibly relaxing and is one of the reasons why so many players prefer this game.

Additionally, to spice it up, your car comes equipped with a machine gun, so whenever someone is blocking your way, you can simply blow them off the road. Also, occasional power-ups are falling from the sky that you will need to collect while ensuring not to hit any obstacle in your way that might kill you and make you start over. So if you are a race game lover, this game is perfect for you.

Chip’s Challenge (1989)

If you prefer puzzle games where you need to show off your logical skills, Chip’s Challenge game might be the right choice for you. The gameplay goes like this. Chip is a science-loving nerd that wants to impress Melinda and get a membership to the highly exclusive Bit Busters Club. To do that, he must go through various complex challenges and puzzles, 148 levels to be more exact.

But, as all of those puzzles and challenges are created only for the sharpest of minds, you will have to spend quite a lot of time thinking through and trying to solve them with the help of various elements such as buttons, locked doors, scary monsters, computer chips, etc. 

To move Chip through all the difficulties, you will have to collect enough chips to successfully open the chip socket, which you can find at the end of each level. Additionally, each level has a limited time to make it even more challenging, so you will have to think quickly and act fast if you want to win Melinda over and gain your much-wanted membership.

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Xybots (1991)

Xybots (1991)

When in search of a fantastic third-person shooting game, look no further, as the Xybots game delivers all of that and much more. The gameplay of this game is incredibly intriguing, making every player want to keep playing the game more and more. 

With the possibility to choose between Ace Gunn or Rock Hardy, you will be given a character that you will need to carefully guide through the 3D maze and fight off the various robots, also known as Xybots, that have one mission in mind – to destroy all humanity.

While you are fighting the Xybots, your energy level status keeps getting lower, and you will need to replenish your energy by collecting the energy pods that come in every level. You can also purchase certain powerups, which include additional armor, increased strength, firepower, and speed, along with extremely useful enemy and maze maps. 

When you manage to fight all the Xybots, alone or with a friend, you will be recognized as the ultimate savior of humankind that has defeated the evil and ruthless Xybots, and that is how the game ends.

California Games (1987)

When looking to play some unusual and super interesting sports but want to do that from the comfort of your home, the California Games game will provide you with that and much more. This game is sports oriented and offers an incredible variety of outdoor sports that are extremely popular in California. You can try roller skating, flying discs, half-pipe, footbag, BMX, and surfing.

With this particular Atari Lynx game, you will be able to master all of those sports and have the time of your life.

Rampart (1990)

When the Rampart game came out, it was one-of-a-kind and something that most people have not been used to. This game successfully combined three genres: strategy, puzzle, and shoot’em up. This combination made Rampart the top-loved game and a precursor to the tower defense games that started getting increasingly popular in the following decade.

Another reason why Rampart was a favorite to many is its entertaining gameplay. The whole point of this game is to protect your territory and castles from the invaders. You are required to attack and shoot at the other ships that come to destroy your possessions. 

This game in the single mode has six levels and limited time to fight and repair the damages. In the multiplayer mode, it ends whenever one of the players fails to repair a particular round or if they sink enough ships of the opponent.

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Rampart (1990)


In this article, we’ve included the best games on Atari Lynx so that the next time you feel nostalgic and search for some old-school classics; you will know exactly what to play and how to fill your free time. Have fun!