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Commodore 64 Full Rom Set

With its release in 1982, the Commodore 64 became not only the most popular but also the highest-selling computer model at that time. They featured a large variety of video games to play and provided an authentic gaming experience for all gamers. 

To be able to play entertaining retro games, you need to find a suitable ROM pack available online to download. Keep reading this article to find out more about the widely-known gaming system known as Commodore 64 and learn more about the full-ROM set.

Commodore 64 Full Rom Set

What Is a Commodore 64 Full ROM Set?

The full-ROM set contains a compilation of ROM files and images (graphics, sounds, text, animations) as well as software you can use to play video games that were previously played on a Commodore 64 system. 

Such a set can easily work with the use of a suitable emulator. The emulator enables the users to run programs that previously worked on a Commodore 64 gaming system in the same way as before. 

The C64 ROM set is an excellent option for gamers who feel nostalgic and want to enjoy playing various video games they used to play throughout their childhood. Due to the coding of the files, the ROM set enables the games to emulate the same features present in the original game.

C64 Full Sets

An important thing to note regarding the C64 full sets is that they contain a big collection of game data for a specific emulator and often take up a lot of space (even terabytes). 

However, not all sets available online are full, but some only contain a couple of games that you might want to play. 

Hence, the full set contains all the games that you could play with the C64 gaming system in the 90s. You can find multiple versions of the C64 full ROM set online and opt for the one that works best for you. 

How to download a C64 full ROM set

Before you download the C64 ROM set, you need to determine which emulator you will use. The reason for this step is that certain ROM set versions run smoothly only when you are using a specific type of emulator

Afterward, you will need to find the full ROM set for C64 consoles and check whether they contain any type of malware before starting the download process. Ensure that the ROM set is from a reliable source so that you protect your PC from getting infected by viruses. 

Once the download process finishes, it is necessary to extract the ROM files from the zip folder. Equally important is making sure that the game’s data is available for your emulator and that it is able to run smoothly without any issues.

An important note about ROM sets

Aside from ensuring the ROM set is free from malware, it is also important to check the laws in your state regarding emulation. The reason for this is that the usage of ROMs is illegal in some states, whereas others have some type of restrictions. 

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Where to Find Commodore 64 ROM Sets

Where to Find Commodore 64 ROM Sets

Finding a reliable source to download a ROM can be quite challenging. There are plenty of site options to choose from, but not all of them are safe to download or run smoothly without any issues. Here are some site recommendations to help you find the Commodore 64 full ROM set.


As the name of the site suggests, on C64.com, you can not only fund the full ROM set but also find other content related to Commodore 64. The content includes games, demos, articles, pictures, updates, interviews, and other exclusive material. 

The site has the same retro style and is reminiscent of the period when the retro gaming system was first introduced. Users can also contact the email provided on the site and donate software or consoles to share them with the rest of the Commodore 64 community. 


The site is specifically designed for ROMs, and there, you can find more than thousands of sets. This includes the full set for Commodore 64. The site is very simple, allowing you to search by name, size of the file, popularity, and region. You may also find sets in different languages as well as multiple emulators to choose from.


CoolRom.com is another widely-known Commodore 64 source that you have probably heard about. The site is simple yet very straightforward. It enables you to search for a ROM set by name, title, and popularity and find out which games of the ROMs, in our case, the C64 ROM set, are the most downloaded. 

CoolRoom.com also contains tutorials on properly downloading and launching the ROM if you are not much familiar with the process. 

Commodore C64 Emulators

As mentioned previously, you will need a suitable platform to run the C64 full ROM set. There are plenty of options when it comes to emulators for C64. However, some of the best ones include VICE, Mobile C64, C64.emu, and C64 Forever. 

If you would like to play your favorite retro video games, but you don’t own a working C64 computer, such emulators will help you remember your childhood days and provide the same gaming experience. Regarding emulators, finding a reliable source to protect your computer from viruses is also very important. 

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The Commodore 64 Full ROM set will enable you to play various games played in the past on the original popular gaming system. They give the same gaming experience as years ago, providing fun and entertainment for gamers who feel nostalgic about retro games. 

The process of downloading for ROM collection is fast and simple. However, you need to make sure to download a set that is free of malware and viruses that can cause your PC to malfunction. So, which Commodore 64 games are your favorite?