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Are Commodore 64 Games Worth Anything?

Without disregarding the hard work of hardware and software companies of today, I can say with confidence that back in the 80s and 90s, there was so much thought put into computers that people treated the consoles as a part of the family.

Now that everything is digitalized and accessible to us, if something breaks, we can instantly get a new one without any hesitation or worry. In the 90s, every Nintendo gaming platform created for home usage was kept with such care; moreover, it offered many hours of fun. 

The Commodore 64 was a console that literally changed the entire game and placed every other platform that came before that in the shadows. The C64 was initially sold for less than $600, and many developers started creating games or cartridges for this console. 

As the staple of gaming we know and love today, the C64 featured hundreds of games from various genres. So, are Commodore 64 games worth anything today? Keep reading to find out! 

Are Commodore 64 Games Worth Anything

Are Commodore 64 Games Worth Anything? 

Because the console had such a huge success when it first appeared on the market in the 80s, people tried every game possible and spent many Christmases in front of the TV with a controller. That said, many games for the Commodore 64 are valuable today. 

Depending on their popularity and how rare they are, retro C64 games could be sold anywhere from $100 to $1,500. The video games for this console came in a plastic cartridge which could be easily damaged. Therefore, the design and shape of the cartridge will eventually determine the final price.

It is also worth pointing out that the demand for old consoles and retro games is currently through the roof. Anything safely kept for many years can now be sold for a high price on eBay or Amazon. As time goes by, the value will only increase. 

Highly Popular and Valuable Commodore 64 Games 

With over 17 million units sold over the first year, the Commodore 64 featured more than 10,000 titles that can be purchased even today from eBay or Amazon. Since we are talking about this revolutionary console and retro 90s and 80s gaming, I have to mention some of the most popular games that stood the test of time and kept their value. 

Nowadays, the consoles do not resemble even the popular ones from the 80s or 90s. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common. There is serious computing power in the heart of every console, either old or new. As you already know, with great power comes great responsibility, and the system requires a great selection of games to put that high power to good use. The C64 has an amazing range of games that can still be enjoyed or sold at an auction. Here are some of the most popular, rare, and valuable games.

Ghostbusters (1984)

Ghostbusters (1984)

The first spot on my list goes to the classic Ghostbusters movie adaptation. This film is one of the most well-known ghost movies, and there are quotes from it that people have implemented in their vocabulary. 

Despite having one of the catchiest soundtracks of all time, the movie has had several remakes with an all-female cast. 

Contrary to the movie’s narrative, the gameplay of Ghostbusters does not involve getting rid of the ghosts in the city but demands that you make a profit by getting rid of poltergeists who do not know when to call it quits. 

Even if you do not clean the entire city, you can level up as long as you have $10k in your bank account. Today, the game is worth $15 to $20. 

The Last Ninja (1987) 

The Last Ninja (1987) 

Because so many YouTube channels make countdown lists and upload a video each day, The Last Ninja recently regained popularity for being one of the hardest and most challenging games on the planet. This older title can give even experienced gamers a run for their money.

Being one of the most successful games for the Commodore 64, The Last Ninja has sold over 4 million copies throughout the planet. Two sequels continue the saga but with much better graphics.

The Last Ninja pre-owned can be purchased for $80 to $100. Many collectors sell the Ninja Remix, consisting of a cartridge and a disk version of The Last Ninja and Last Ninja 2. The price of the remix is between $350 and $450.

Bruce Lee (1984)

Bruce Lee (1984)

Bruce Lee is not just a familiar figure to us all but a role model we aspire to emulate. As a staple of Kung Fu and arguably the most popular martial artist, Bruce Lee greatly influences people who are just starting their journey. 

However, what did this game offer that others did not? They all have similar smackdown gameplay, right? 

In the game, Bruce Lee has to confront a wizard and conquer him to become filthy rich. This is the interesting part that no one anticipated. The element of surprise is what made this game so popular, and kids were eager to see how Bruce Lee became rich. 

There are only two enemies; you must collect lanterns while juggling between ladders and knocking down enemies. Today, the game is worth around $50. 

Impossible Mission (1984)

Impossible Mission (1984)

Last but not least, Impossible Mission is arguably the most popular game for C64. Initially, the game was loved by gamers, but its popularity has skyrocketed with the movies that featured Tom Cruise. 

Just like in Mission Impossible, the game allows you to control a secret agent that must break into multiple high-security areas. The main mission is to stop the evil Professor Elvin Atombender while simultaneously avoiding robots and searching for password clues. 

The game requires a lot of brain power, and there are puzzles at each level. Also, there is a time limit, and you must collect thirty-six pieces in under six hours. Impossible Mission is worth around $60. 

Why the C64? 

Knowing our Commodore 64 games are worth anything or exactly how much can make you dig through the box in the attic that has not been opened for a decade. The Commodore 64 is a machine with an 8-bit brain that made kids’ dreams come true in the 80s and 90s. To compare, the PlayStation 5 that came out last year runs on 256-bit, just to put things in perspective. 

Additionally, the console has 64Kb of Ram and a custom-created chip for waveform generation. 

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Are Commodore 64 games worth anything, and how much exactly? Now that you know, you can browse the internet for more knowledge or visit an auction and get a great deal. The game price is going to increase as time goes by; thus, now would be a great moment to buy and invest.