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How Much Was a Commodore 64 New

The year is 2023, and when it comes to gaming and consoles, it feels like not every week but every day, there is a new piece of hardware that you can buy and enhance the experience. But gaming has become quite a luxury with many game remakes and huge prices. 

It is not easy to become popular on a social media platform and earn an income from gaming. Therefore, the real players, who always enjoyed a single-player narrative, started going back on memory lane and popping out the consoles from their childhood. 

This mini console allowed gamers to have a blast from the past. The C64 came out in 1982 and was the first system with a working keyboard. So, how much was a Commodore 64 new? Keep reading to learn more! 

How Much Was a Commodore 64 New

How Much Was a Commodore 64 New

In 1982, during its release, the first initial price of the Commodore 64 was $595, which in today’s economy is about $1,650. 

The C64 was the first console with a cost of less than $600. People were amazed after learning how many games can be played on the system and its remarkable features. 

The price of the C64 revolutionized the entire industry because the computer was the first to offer 64k. One year before the release of the Commodore 64, Atari 800 appeared on the market; it had 32K of RAM and a prize of $1,000

On top of everything, the cost of the Commodore dropped very aggressively. This happened because the console manufacturers were speculating that other Japanese firms would enter the market and undercut all prices. 

What was included in it?

To better understand how much was a Commodore 64 new and its true value, one must be aware of the console’s features. For the initial price, the box contained CPU memory, integrated video and audio, ROM operating system, and that it is. 

Unfortunately, the console did not have a storage room and could only run games and other pieces of software from a cartridge. 

Many people only purchased the computer, which made dealers love the Commodore 64 even more. People used to buy disk drives or tape drives to run data without a cartridge. 

Some gamers were able to purchase an additional small TV or a monitor so that they would not hijack the family TV. Let’s face it, a household back in the 80s or 90s was lucky to have one TV. Not long after that, the customers who bought the C64 longed for a fast-load cartridge or a printer. 

Experiencing the revolution of gaming was expensive, none the least. To be a proud owner of a C64 console, you had to be wealthy or just willing to adjust your lifestyle and save money on the side for a long period to afford it. 

Commodore 64 – When 1982 Meets 2020 

When it was initially released in 1982, the C64 sold over 12 million units, making it one of the best-selling computers of all time. 

The previous model was VIC-20. In 2020, both consoles were brought back to life and came as a package known as “The C64”. 

Because the Commodore 64 is more than just a retro mini-console, the fans’ reaction was faithful, and everyone was pleased with the release. The bright-colored box brought a lot of joy to old-time gamers. 

The console had some modern incarnations and was created with the current technology. The C64 was powered by micro USB, had additional USB ports for hooking up initial hardware like a joystick, and an outpost at 720 of up to 64Hz over HDMI. 

The console does not pack a giant disk drive like the original model; however, with the power of external drives and USB ports. Games could be played neatly, and no hacks or tricks were involved. Having this option is pretty awesome. The C64 package was available for $125. 

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Commodore 64 - The Price Over Time

Commodore 64 – The Price Over Time 

As I mentioned, the retail price of the C64 in August 1982 was $595. The next summer, the console could be purchased for around $390. 

Also, in 1983, the company that created the Commodore offered a $100 rebate to anyone who sent a computer or a game system. Many individuals enjoyed the console by simply buying a $50 Timex computer, Gemini system, Odyssey, or Coleco and sending it in. 

By the time Christmas came around the same year, people could order the C64 for $229. After that, the price of C64 experienced some serious cuts in 1984. 

In the Christmas catalog of the same year, the Commodore 64 was priced at $219. If you bought an additional disk drive, monitor, modem, or printer, the initial price of the console was $199.

In 1985, the C64 was priced at $149 in the Christmas catalog with additional discounts of $25 to $100 with other peripherals. The rest of the decade was pretty much all of the same. 

Public Response 

The C64 was the first 8-bit singular computer that made a great sale and got such a positive public response that it revolutionized the entire industry. 

During the 80s, the first quarter’s sales were 49 million, making the C64 one of the largest-selling computers for home usage. 

Compared to other one-system wonders brands, the price of the C64 was initially lower. The developers could do that and cut the cost of production because they created their chips. 

The less than $600 price of the Commodore 64 allowed the system to acquire some amazing achievements and sell approximately 17 million units in one year.

In 1994, CBM 64 announced bankruptcy. This initially happened because there was a lack of business planning and the Amiga operation. 

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After reading my article, I am confident that you know how much was a Commodore 64 new and how it revolutionized the industry. 

Ultimately, the C64 is a retro console that offers a joyful experience and a heavy dosage of nostalgia. The attention to detail is unmatched, and you are getting a full-sized machine with a keyboard makes the Commodore 64 one of the best technological inventions.