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Best SEGA CD Games of All Time

Whether you like to revisit the past or are a fan of old school gaming, the desire to play again some of those best SEGA CD games is completely understandable and relatable. Though the gaming industry has come very far, there is a unique charm for retro gaming.

The release of SEGA CD ROMs was a huge thing back then. It not only introduced a great number of new exciting titles but also revived some of the old classics with enhanced graphics. Remembering those top classics sure feels nostalgic to any game lover, even today.

The poor business strategy and the higher prices lead to the winding up of the company but not before they had released some incredible FMV titles owing to the boosted storage and upgraded CPU.

Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Lunar Eternal Blue

Eternal Blue is a sequel of the first Lunar game. It’s a turn-based RPG game with a dramatic storyline, magic system, and a really impressive fantasy setting. Despite the limited color palette, the color scheme used in the game looks really vivid and the CD format enables good use of music tracks, voice acting, and animated cut-scenes.

This fantasy RPG involves travelling from town to town, exploring different caves and dungeons along the journey. The true charm of the game is in its compelling story and the engaging characters. You will come across some of the same areas as the first Lunar if you have played the first part. The characters’ personalities and their inner struggles give the game a realistic touch.

Lunar Eternal Blue - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Earthworm Jim: Special Edition

This cartoon based game turned out to be a real hit after the launch of its newest edition. With additional animation, remix soundtrack, and several new levels, the game was just so addictive. The array of cool superpowers that the main character had owing to his super suit, which the villains wanted to steal, made the game all the more fun.

The alternate endings in the game kept on the excitement and revealed some strange made-up facts about the worms. With improved animation and extended levels, this game became a favorite for a large number of gamers. It’s worth playing even today!

Earthworm Jim Special Edition - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Sonic CD

The new Sonic CD had to deal with heavy expectations owing to the high popularity of its Genesis predecessors. But it turned out that the Sonic CD managed to satisfy the fans of the original while still managing to introduce several new elements in the game.

Like the previous Sonic game, it features the main character, Sonic, running and jumping through various themed levels, trying to protect the little planet from Doctor Robotnik. Few of the changes in the new version include time travel, pseudo 3-D bonus levels, and the ability to save progress.

The time travel aspect turned out to be the most significant addition, and it allowed you to travel to the past or future of each level. You can either end up in a ‘good future’ or a ‘bad’ one. The gameplay became much more interesting with this new addition. The superior soundtrack and some minor modifications make this already loved game gain enormous popularity.

Sonic CD - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Robo Aleste (1992)

If you like those addictive, 2D shooting games, Robo Aleste will surely manage to pique your interest. Though the storyline doesn’t win any extra points, the real magic of the game is in the fast-paced, intense gameplay, where your character has to shoot the assorted range of oncoming enemies with different attack patterns.

You get to arm yourself with throwing knives, bombs, ninja stars, and electricity bolts as you get the chance, and use them to destroy your diverse enemies. The two hovering discs in front of you will act as a defense shield against enemy attacks but can absorb only so much damage.

Robo Aleste (1992) - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

The Secret of Monkey Island

Do you like the idea of setting out in search of fame, love, and fortune in the quest of becoming a pirate? This point-and-click adventure game will let you experience just that, as you are offered to choose one of nine commands to explore, chat, and complete quests.

The game has been acclaimed as the ‘best game of all time’ not without a reason. The epic storyline, the game format, and the peculiar characters keep you entertained throughout the time. In this game, you can expect to come across eerie ghosts, hidden treasures, strange-looking men, and more enigmatic objects as you make your way through the Island.

The Secret of Monkey Island - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Snatcher (1994)

This cyberpunk adventure was inspired by sci-fi movies like BladeRunner. The game is visually stunning as the programmers seem to have taken the maximum advantage of the available colors. Snatcher game has a mature and meaningful storyline, a graphic novel like display, and impressive audio. The game had already become hugely popular before it arrived in America. The compelling characters and the perfectly logical scenarios make it quite a memorable game.

Snatcher - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Final Fight CD (1989)

This game was released as a sequel to the first Street Fighter game. In the fictional Metro City, you can control three characters through six rounds as you fight the opponent, throwing punches and using combo moves, to destroy your enemy.

The game is fairly simple and has some nice features. It’s a good game for distressing and you start playing anytime you like. The game has some animation cut scenes to keep up with the trend of SEGA CD ROMs. The game is still available for some modern consoles. Check out some of the Best Atari 5200 Games.

Final Fight CD (1989) - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time

Road Avenger

As the name says, this game features a car driver all set to avenge his wife who had died because of a biker gang. With a ‘Need-for-Speed’ like FMV, SEGA CD graphics, and the revenge-racing storyline, this can easily become your favorite.

We decided it would be unfair to exclude a racing game in this list of the best SEGA CD games. No doubt, Road Avenger deserves to be in this list of top SEGA classics. So, unleash your fury on the road and take revenge from the bikers in this 9 stages game.

Road Avenger - Best SEGA CD ROMs of All Time


The SEGA CD games will draw you into a different world of gaming, where despite the graphical limitations, you not only get to relive the nostalgia but also enjoy the thrilling, enigmatic SEGA games of those times. Those lost flavors of the gaming world can make you addicted again!