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Play Monopoly Unblocked Online Game

Monopoly online is a board game in which players engage in simulated and financial dealings using imitation money. The name monopoly is derived from Greek words, ‘monos’ meaning single and ‘polein’ meaning sell. It was invented in the US, and Charles Darrow coined the name in 1935.

How to Play Monopoly Online?

Monopoly online can be played by four people in one instance — each time you have to roll two dices on the monopoly board. The summation of the numbers on the dices gives you a particular area which can be bought by virtual money. After completing your purchase, you can construct houses, buildings, offices, hotels, etc. If another player comes into your area, you can take rent from them. If they are unable to pay the rent, you can send them to prison for the same.

Rules for You to Play Monopoly Game Online

  • The sequence of the start of the game can be clockwise or from counter-clockwise, depending upon the monopoly board.
  • Each player, while playing, has to wait for his/her turn to come.
  • If someone comes back to start point, he/she will get a fixed amount of money from the bank.
  • Or by chance lands on the prison, he/she will have to pay the amount fixed by the bank for the same.
  • Or someone lands on chance, he/she will read the description of the point that is the summation of the two numbers of the die. Depending upon this, you can take money from the bank as a reward or pay money to the bank as a penalty.

Where and How to Play?

Monopoly is a freeware, i.e. you can play free monopoly anytime. You can play monopoly with bots, i.e. with the computer, in single-player mode. Monopoly multiplayer is also available. You can play free monopoly online with friends or with other random players across the globe. Every hour, there are more than forty thousand people online, playing free monopoly.

Monopoly • Play Monopoly Online Game for Free Unblocked

Monopoly online free is available across every country, and those who love this game can play it anytime they want. Monopoly can be played on,,,, etc. Monopoly online is developed just for fun and can be played by players all over the globe, who want to purchase lots of properties. These properties give lots of money and fame. But all this is virtual and temporary as Monopoly is just a game for fun.

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