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Best Commodore 64 Power Supply

The Commodore 64, or as it is also known as the “first home computer”, was first introduced in 1982. The Commodore 64 was a dominant player in the computer market, with interest in the computer being consistent well into the 90s. However, today, many parts of it are considered outdated, notably its power supply. 

So, those who want to reboot their computers for nostalgia’s sake may want to know what the best Commodore 64 power supply is. I will go over some of the best options out there that will allow you to revisit your childhood days. 

Best Commodore 64 Power Supply

Best Commodore 64 Power Supply

Some of the best Commodore 64 power supply units are:

  1. Keelog C64 power supply 
  2. Electroware Commodore C64 PSU 
  3. Ray Carlsen C64 power supplies 
  4. Commodore4ever C64 power supply 

The Best Choices for a Commodore 64 Power Supply 

The Commodore 64 came out in 1982, 40 years ago, so expecting everything to run smoothly is unrealistic, even more so considering the technological advancement that took place in that period. If you still have your original power supply, it may be outdated and not working. And trying to repair it does not guarantee successful results. 

Moreover, the original power supply bricks were not even of the highest quality, to begin with. And since the Commodore 64 was made to be powered with two types of voltages, 9VAC and 5VDC, finding a replacement is much more challenging. 

You can choose between cheaper options of power supplies that are still excellent when it comes to powering your Commodore 64. Or, if you want to invest in a power supply that is guaranteed to last you, you can order a custom one to be made for you. 

The important thing to know about your budget is that there are options. Some excellent power supply options out there that will power your Commodore 64 are: 

Keelog C64 power supply 

Keelog makes their C64 power supply in OLED digital and LED variations. They are excellent modern alternatives to the original C64 power supply, with a power-switching design and over-voltage protection. 

The OLED variation shows the power supply, the uptime, and the total time of operations. In contrast, the LED variation has a static PMMA display with an illuminated logo. Both variations work great, and it runs cool to the touch, so there is no danger of overheating. However, unlike other power supply units available, the Keelog C64 power supply does not feature a physical switch on it. 

Electroware Commodore C64 PSU power supply 

The Electroware power supply alternative is made in Poland and has stabilized 5VDC and 9VAC outputs using heavy-duty transformer units. All parts of the Electroware power supply are fully isolated, and like the Keelog one, it also has over-voltage protection. 

Moreover, the Electroware PSU has a solid build, long cables, and a power switch on it. When the power switch is turned off, the unit does not draw power, so it can stay plugged in, unlike other power supplies that must be unplugged to stop drawing power. 

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The Best Choices for a Commodore 64 Power Supply

Ray Carlsen C64 power supplies

If you are ready and able to invest more in your Commodore power supply, I recommend getting yourself a custom-built one. Ray Carlsen is among the best custom power supply builders in the Commodore community. He makes C64 power supplies ranging from simple units to elaborate ones that can power several devices simultaneously. 

Investing in a multi-powering unit is more cost-effective in the long run, as you will not have to buy an additional power supply if you have other devices that need to be powered. Best of all, as I mentioned, Ray Carlsen makes custom units, so you can request one that meets your needs. 

Commodore4ever C64 power supply

The Commodore4ever power supply is an alternative that can be used for the C64 and C128. This alternative power supply for the Commodore 64 also comes with over-voltage protection and a power switch.

On top of the unit, an LED display shows the amp usage, and there is also LED in the logo. It can supply up to four amps on the DC line and also features a USB power port. 

Alternative Power Supply Solutions 

If you do not want to spend money on a new power supply, there are some other alternatives that you can try out. However, remember that most are DIY, so as long as you have the necessary skills, you may use them as an alternative. They are not overly complicated and can work for you for a while. 

Linear regulator replacement 

If you can fully take apart your original Commodore power supply, you only need to replace the linear regulator with a switching regulator, like a 5V UBEC. Switching the linear regulator if you manage to disassemble the PSU can fix it because the linear regulator is prone to failures, which leads to excess voltages. 

Power savers 

Using a power saver plugged between the power supply and the computer will provide additional overvoltage protection. The power saver is a device that uses a relay to turn off the 5VDC line when the predefined threshold is met, so there is no danger of over-voltage. 

Use two separate adapters 

You can also try to use two separate adapters that are easily available online and in retail shops. One adapter should be for the 9VAC line and the other for the 5VDC line. Then you can integrate them with a single DIN line, wait until your max load parameters are set, and you should be able to turn on the Commodore 64.

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There you have it. These are the best Commodore 64 power supply options. They range from pretty simple designs that are reasonably priced to more expensive units that are custom-made per your needs and requests.

Or, if you are a bit handier with repairs around the house, you can try out some DIY methods I mentioned. However, buying a new power supply is best, as the original Commodore 64 power supply is not the most reliable and can overheat.