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Best 32x Games Review

Sega 32X was a poorly marketed console, regarded as a low-cost alternative to other new-generation consoles. Sega Genesis’s second major upgrade failed to reach a wide enough customer base. Blame their underwhelming efforts. However, it did release some catchy titles for the console. Here is a list of the best 32x games you should know about.

Best 32x Games Review

Best 32x Games Review

Knuckles Chaotix

The first look of the game will remind you of the sonic game series. But the gameplay is entirely different.  Though you may still find similarities like springboards to leap off and loops to run around, but a unique addition is that you can control two characters at the same time.

Both of these characters are tethered to one other throughout the game, and you can pick from five of them, each with a unique ability. The learning curve for Knuckle Chaotix is a bit steeper than the sonic games, but once you get the knack of it, it’s much more fun. The pseudo 3D stages are also quite captivating to the gamers.

Knuckles Chaotix

Star Wars Arcade

The game is based on the events from the original Star Wars trilogy. The game features a polygonal representation of the star wars films. Beyond the original arcade stages, it lets you play some enhanced stages that were designed for the 32x version.

This Sega 32x game challenges you to intercept and face TIE Fighters amidst an asteroid field. You’re gonna fight Super Star Destroyer, but eventually, the game gets a bit repetitive. The game doesn’t have much depth to it, but it’s pretty addictive for those who like the fast, don’t-think-just-shoot type of games.

The Amazing Spider-Man: Web of Fire

If you can manage to ignore the fugly, c-tier villains and the wonky scaling effects, this is quite a satisfying game. The game is a blend of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Kingpin and Vectorman. The gameplay is fantastic and you will really have fun while web-slinging and hand-to-hand combating in the game. If you are a fan of this gaming style, this one definitely deserves a second look.

Best 32x Games Review - The Amazing Spider-Man Web of Fire

Mortal Kombat II

We also do have some addictive 2D combat titles in our list of best 32x games. You can say that the 1990s were all about fighting games. Mortal Kombat did stand out in this genre with its digitized graphics and splendid animation effects.

The developers doubled the character roster in this version and added some more finishing moves. The expanded move sets and the responsive controls made this one of the best home versions of this game. Relative to other combat games of the time, this one was considered more violent with all the copious amounts of blood flying around when a character is hit. Related: Best SEGA CD Games of All Time

WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game

If you love the realistic nature of wrestling matches, this isn’t the game for you. However, if you like the exaggerated nature of some games, this is a fun, comic game that will keep you entertained. Though, the digitized characters in the game will make you think that this is an imitation of WWF style wrestling, this is far from the truth.

It doesn’t emulate the original fighting, instead, it adds several fun elements in the game like setting opponents ablaze, wrestlers can electrocute each other, and the limbs may grow longer, and so on. This fast-paced game emphasizes comedy more than reality. It kind of captures the cartoon nature of the wrestling world pretty well!

Best 32x Games Review - WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game


If you loved playing ‘Prince of Persia’, ‘Flashback’, or the ‘Out of this world’, this cinematic platform will enchant you like no other game. The graphics are pretty crisp and define the game’s universe pretty well. The storyline isn’t the best but the detailed environments, the puzzle elements, and the overall gameplay are outstanding.

The game involves activating bridges to move forward, using gadgets like levitators and remote-controlled bombs. The main weapon is a shotgun. But to make the gameplay a little strategic, the developers added the ability to reload fun, dodge enemy fire or hide in the shadows. The enemies have a personality and they will mock you if you make a mistake!

We couldn’t help but add this to our list of the best 32x games, despite the fact that it didn’t rise to the level it deserved.

Virtua Racing Deluxe

Did you really think we were going to skip racing games from adding to this list? Well, Virtua Racing Deluxe is too good to be excluded. This version clearly outdoes the Genesis and the Saturn versions. The “stock car” mode is an exclusive game-mode to this console, which many find to be more fun than the “formula” mode.

Multi-camera setup and the two-player mode guarantee that you don’t ever get bored. This version includes some exclusive tracks to keep you interested.


Doom is one of the games that has inspired many later “first-person shooter” games. This popular game features mazes, demons on Mars, plasma rifles, chainsaws and several objects that appealed to gamers. You must fight your way through nasty demons from hell and the possessed humans; your quest is to survive the attack.

The game features a comprehensive storyline involving an invasion from demons on Mars and eventually on earth in the second version of the game. The gameplay involves re-spawning dead enemies who become harder to deal with every time they come back.

The monsters will either move towards you biting and clawing at you, or they will throw fireballs. You start the game with just a pistol and have to face the wrath of the demons alone. This was one of the earliest most successful FPS games.

Doom 32x Game


Sega 32x didn’t fare so well in the market. But many of these games left their marks in the history of the gaming world. Some of these games are so unique that you will find them fascinating even today.

If you feel like you have had enough of the modern games, give these retro classics a try. There is a strange addictive element to the Sega classics. If not the graphics, the comedy factor would certainly get to you!