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Kingdom rush unblocked is a tower defense game by Ironhide Game Studio. It is an online flash browser-based game that was released on July 28, 2011, for iPad. The game officially came for Android in May, 2013.


Kingdom rush online is a free to play game, available on Apple Store as well as in Google Play. One can play kingdom rush game for free on any device, let it be iPad, iPhone or any android device. Kingdom rush unblocked is all about setting up your empire (called as a tower in this game) and creating your own army to protect from enemy attacks. Trolls, orcs and other monsters are included in the enemies.

To play kingdom rush, one must know how to make robust defences. Defences include archers, mages, warriors and bombers. When the enemy waves become large, one can call in reinforcements or summon a fire of rain to devastate the hordes.

Play with tactics

Kingdom rush game is all about how well a person can create his own defense. Building a defense is vital to protect the empire and maintain the lead in the game. Things don’t here only. One has to be very clever while raiding someone else’s tower. To raid someone else’s kingdom in Kingdom rush unblocked, one has to think like a defender rather like an attacker. This can help you know about planning and mindset of the defender.

How to Win

To play kingdom rush online, one should be aware of how to face other players across the globe in order to win. One needs to design a perfect strategy in which there should be no flaw because while playing online. One has to raid the opponent’s empire and at the same time, protect their own empire from being raided. If this plan is successful, the person wins the round.

Kingdom Rush • Play Kingdom Rush Online for Free Unblocked

Play but never get addicted

Kingdom rush unblocked is like a drug addiction. Once a person gets addicted, the person cannot give it up easily as the brain demands more and more. Kingdom rush is somewhat copied by Clash of Clans by Supercell. Both these games, including a few others, are addictive games. People get addicted to these games, gaining nothing, simply wasting their time. There is a loss of mental aptitude, and this also affects the body physically. One should play Kingdom rush or whichever game one likes, but one should never let a game become a part of life.