Play Tetris Game

Tetris is a Puzzle Video Game that was initially developed by a Russian game developer in 1980s. We all have played Tetris unblocked in our life, sometime or the other. Earlier when smartphones did not exist, we all played games on our parent’s multi-function phones which included Tetris unblocked. The number of Tetris players in the US exceeded the number of Russia itself by the start of the 20th century.


Tetriminos are small geometrical pieces contains at least two small square pieces which appear on the screen. Before they touch the baseline or the tetrominoes below them, they got to be rotated by 90 degrees. In such a manner that they acquire the least amount of space and can be fitted in the available area. This needs to be done in a limited time in order to complete the stage.

What makes Tetris unblocked so popular?

Tetris unblocked was basically developed for kids of small age to build up their IQ but Tetris online free is played across the globe by people of different age groups just to compete in Tetris online for the title of winner, the one who gets this title shall be recognized as the most intelligent person for some time being.

Tetris unblocked: Not Just for Fun?

The power of free Tetris game online can never be underestimated. A study by a team of psychologists did a study that proved just how beneficial Tetris unblocked can be. In all, 31 students play the game at home or wherever they happened to be on an iPod for as little as three minutes per day. The study was published in the local newspaper a few years ago. Regarding the results, Jackie Andrade, a professor from the School of Psychology, said students who play Tetris free have better IQ as compared to other students, and they also have fewer chances of getting drug addictions.

Tetris Play Tetris Classic Online For Free Unblocked

Where to play?

As far as Tetris unblocked is concerned, it is a freeware unless you go for an unnecessary subscription. Free Tetris games are already available across the Internet for the people who want to play free Tetris. Playing free Tetris is something good for the mental growth of an individual. So play Tetris online, compete with other professional players. But don’t forget to give your eyes proper rest on time because everything is good till it is done within the limit.

Tetris unblocked has too many versions developed by different individuals. From time to time, the interface has been improved and one play whichever is liked by him/her. But remember one thing that health is more important than a game.