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Play Cribbage Game

Cribbage, also known as ‘crib’, is a card game which was traditionally designed for two players but is mostly played with three or more. It involves gaining points by playing and grouping cards in combination.

This game is the only one which is legally playable on licensed premises without the need of local permission and it has been characterized as “Britain’s national card game”. This game happens to have relatively very few rules but the possibilities are endless. The tact of the game highly depends on which card the opponent is playing.

One of the very important features of Cribbage is that instead of using pencil and paper for scoring, the cribbage board is used. The board is wooden and rectangular which is equipped with holes to accommodate pegs. This system helps in speeding up the scoring, cribbage being a fast-moving game increases the chance of errors in computing scores, but pegging greatly reduces it. In this progressive world which is always connected online, now it is possible to play cribbage online with opponents sitting across the world and to top it all, they are also free cribbage games.


There is an older English game called “Noddy”, which is where cribbage evolved. The man who invented cribbage is Sir John Suckling who was a wealthy English poet. Cribbage comes with an anticipation of the luck of the deal and also provides a lot of opportunities to exercise skills. What started as a card game which could be only played physically with people has evolved into a free online cribbage game which can be played with people across the world for free.


The free cribbage game goes on with a succession of “hands”, each hand consisting of a “deal”, “the play” and “the show”. The game of cribbage online as well as offline aims at first moving the pegs up and down the board two times and finally end in the game hole. To put it another way, the first to score 121 points wins. There is one catch here though, the game ends as soon as any player reaches the final hole. It isn’t exactly required to score 121 to play free online cribbage. Best of 3 games is used to play cribbage online. One game is of either 61 or 121 points. Players deal the first hand of each game in turns while playing free cribbage games.

Play Cribbage Online Game for Free Unblocked


It starts with the player on the left of the dealer. Every player lays on a card with its face-up on the table one by one, stating the collective value of the cards that are kept without the value exceeding 31. The cards are not laid in the centre in cribbage games as each player needs to pick up the card laid by him/her at the end of the ‘play’.

If a player can’t play without causing the count to exceed 31, he calls “Go”. This continues with the player on their left, and it goes one till nobody can play without exceeding the count to 31. A player is supposed play a card till there is no card left to play without exceeding the count to 31. On reaching 31, or when nobody can play, the person who played last will score one point if the count is under 31 and 2 if it is exactly 31. After this, the count is reset to 0 and the players who still have cards remaining repeat the process starting from the left of the player who played last. Cribbage online very interesting and also is free cribbage game which can be enjoyed with people across the world. You should play cribbage online and give it a try.

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